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Recent Reads - Jan 2012

As I have quite a few books to read for Interact...and to encourage me to read more in general (12 in 2012 remember!)...I thought it would be nice to do a regular(ish) post about the books I've been reading. This month is a bit of a cheat as I haven't actually read all of the books in the photo but I wanted to show off some of my Christmas and birthday presents...and I also included a couple that I read before Christmas, so not technically in January!

But anyway, here's to the first of hopefully more Recent Reads...I promise to make them shorter in the future!
Recent reads Jan 2012
From the top:
God on Mute - Pete Greig
This book isn't on the Interact reading list but was recommended by one of the seminar speakers and a few other friends. Once I started it I couldn't put it down. It was very easy to read and helped to answer, or at least  explain, some of the questions I had/have about prayer. I found it very down-to-earth and practical and was just what I needed to read during this current season. I think it is a great foundational book on prayer and every Christian should read it.
God's Lavish Grace - Terry Virgo
This book and the next two are on the Interact reading list. This was quite easy to read. I liked the practical illustrations used to show why we need God's grace and to explain how this grace works and how we should live in response to it.
Why Trust the Bible? - Amy Orr-Ewing
The first couple of chapters were a bit of a challenge for my more logical mind, but the majority of the book was straight-forward. I liked the clear explanations and discussions about some of the questions people have about the bible's origin and history.
How to read the bible for all its worth - Gordon Fee and Douglas Stuart
I was hoping that this would be a more straight-forward read like the book above, but its pretty heavy going and 'meaty'. I'm currently still in the middle of this one trying to take as many notes and absorb as much as possible! Exegesis and hermeneutics are new words to my vocabulary and this book neck-deep in them! A good read but quite challenging!

The last few books were presents:
Death Comes to Pemberley - P.D. James
From what I can gather from the back cover...this is a new classic from P.D. James bringing together her talent for detective mystery and her love for Jane Austin. I am setting aside a special time over the Easter break to enjoy this book properly and I shall write and hopefully rave about it then!
Skin Secrets - Liz Earle
I have been a lover and user of Liz Earle's skincare products for a while now (thanks to my mother introducing me to and continuing to supply me with). I have already skim read this during a couple of Ethan's nap times. I like the fact that its chock-full of tips, tricks and treats for general all-round healthy living and, despite its title, doesn't just focus on the skin and outward appearance.
Simple Sewn Gifts - Helen Philipps
This is another one that I've managed to skim through during nap times. A lot of the projects involve cross-stitch and the instructions are very prescription which is not really my thing, but there are lots of good ideas and certainly some things that I would like to try. I think I would adapt or customise most of the projects in this book to make them more 'me' but its certainly got some good inspiration and places to start.
Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts
This was a birthday present from my lovely boys and I couldn't be more thrilled with it!
I used to have a book like this years ago but it was damaged and lost and I missed having such a great resource. Its a great reference on all things sewing with useful and practical information and tips on fabrics, thread, techniques etc. There is a wide variety of projects and ideas including embroidery, dying, printing and each example is comprehensive but still open enough to allow for personalisation and individuality (plus the presentation and photography is lovely).
I think/hope I will be dipping into this treasure chest of a book lots and lots. I already have many present ideas that I would love to make from this I just need to find the time to do them all!!!

And to finish...the amazing glitter nail varnish that I think I am in love with...Rimmel no. 500 Disco Ball.
Love, love, love it!!!

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