Friday, 13 January 2012

20 months

Ok, so we're a bit past 20 months now but I thought it was time for a bit of a catch up!

Recent adorable moments (I know that's all people are interested in!)
- Making sure we all put our hands together when we say our prayers! I'm not even sure where he's got this from as we've not really done it while praying at home. Plus, the first time he said 'Dear God' in response to me telling him we were going to pray! I think I actually cried a little!
- saying 'love you mummy' or 'love you daddy' without prompting.
- saying 'happy birfday mummy' at regular occasions on the appropriate day!
- cooking in his new kitchen...usually making bread like daddy!
- lining his trucks and cars up (even in the library)...definitely his mother's son!
- saying thank you a lot...and excusing himself after wind!
- counting his fingers - it's like insy winsy spider doing a maths class!
- telling us about his friends and getting upset when we can't go and see them (not quite so adorable)
and so many more I can't remember!

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