Tuesday, 31 August 2010


...when your baby wakes up four times in the night...
...when you don't get breakfast until 12 noon and lunch until 4pm...
...when all you need is to talk to an adult but no ones available...
...when you can't decide whether you need food or sleep more...
...when you wear your sunglasses for every reason other than because its sunny...

...life is hard!

Friday, 27 August 2010

Seeing...but not really seeing

We stepped up to the pedestrian crossing at the same time, and she pushed the button to signal our intentions. We stood there silent, waiting for the red man to turn green.

Then she stepped closer and asked if she could follow me across the road. I said "sure', or "yeah" or something else equally pleasant and casual. She explained that although she could see the lights she couldn't tell when they were red or green and she didn't want to venture across without being sure it would be safe. I had a baby in a pram so she could be sure that I wouldn't be charging across the road or dashing between any vehicles.

We were only stood together for about 90 seconds. But it was long enough for her to open up about her failing sight and the worry and fears that brought. It was long enough for her to seek help/comfort/support/safety.

The lights changed and we set out, side by side, across the road. She thanked me and then we went our separate ways.

As I continued on my journey I thought about my sight, or lack of it.
Physically my sight is poor. I need glasses just to get out of bed in the morning.
But even with my physical sight corrected sometimes there are things that I just cannot see or don't see properly.

I could worry about my lack of sight. I could worry about the things I might miss. I could become anxious about the dangers of poor sight.

But instead I chose to pray. To pray for better sight. To see things/people/situations as God sees them.
I prayed that others with poor sight would be drawn to the one who can truly open their eyes. And that I may be a guide for them. That even in short 90 second road crossing encounters, I can be available to help them find the one who gives the best comfort/support/security.