Sunday, 21 November 2010


that I'm a very funny person!

Sorry for the poor quality. It was taken at night on my mobile phone...just had to get the moment!

Friday, 5 November 2010


I was the raging bull and anything he said was the red rag. I wanted a battle and I wanted to win, and apparently I didn't care how much pain I inflicted in the process.

How is it that a few chemicals can turn us from a calm, graceful, gentle swan to a honking, biting, chasing goose?!?!

And why is it we (I) only realise we're being totally horrible and unreasonable after the event?! After the verbal punches have been thrown.

How do I, as a woman wanting to reflect God's love and grace to the world, show the fruit of the spirit when my hormones are making me spit venom? When the only self control I display is eating one tub of ice cream not two.

I think next month I'll just lock myself away for a few days! With the ice cream!