Friday, 27 April 2012

Happy Birthday Ethan!

Wow! Where did the last two years go?!
They say times flies when you're having fun...well, time has whizzed by while we've been having a blast!

Ethan, Happy 2nd Birthday!
This last year it has been amazing to see you grow and learn and express yourself in so many ways. I love your chatter and especially your singing! And your jumping is getting better by the day!
You are so kind and gentle and love to share and make sure everyone is included and involved.
We love you lots and lots and lots,
love mummy and daddy xxx

Here are some highlights from your birthday week!

You showed your Scottish side at Grandma's wedding!

And made your mummy and daddy very proud!

We went to the zoo...
...and you tried to join the animals!

And loved the slide!