Tuesday, 31 January 2012

12 in 2012 - January

After one month of aiming (rather ridiculously) high and trying to encompass 12 things into life...how am I getting on? Well...
1. To read my Bible more
I started off well with this and picked up my Bible in one year...which was still bookmarked at April from the last time I attempted to read the Bible in one year! Although I haven't been doing it every night, or even most nights, I have been reading a day or two once snuggled up in bed before switching off for the night. And I am enjoying reading parts of the Bible I would probably never otherwise read.

2. To memorize Scripture
If I'm honest, I have not even attempted this yet! My brain is currently a total mush and I nearly flooded the bathroom the other night because I forgot I'd started to run a bath! Hopefully next month I will start to post verses up around the place to help with this.

3. To pray more
I haven't really been journalling my prayers, but I have been praying more. The walk home from work provides a great opportunity to chat some things through with God...or just listen to Him. But it's not so easy to write and walk...although making notes in my phone has been useful, as long as I still remember to watch where I'm walking!

4. To be more thankful and content
Establishing a habit of saying thank you prayers with Ethan before his bedtime has helped a little with this. Some of the things he thinks to say thank you for are great reminders for what is actually important (although I'm not sure beards is one of them). But if I'm honest, the being content thing is not going well at all!

5. To watch less tv
So...I'm writing this while the tv is on in the background...which it tends to be most evenings! But I have managed to avoid getting 'sucked' into watching things I didn't want to, which has helped with some of the items below.

6. To read more
As I mentioned in my recent reads post, I was quite productive on the reading front over Christmas. I am still plodding on with a couple of books at the moment but they're a bit hard going. I've also been trying to read at lunchtimes at work, rather than wander round the sales or browse the internet...but then I struggle to put the book down and go back to my desk!!!

7. To take more photos and craft more
Hopefully the photos and posts on this blog will testify to my efforts in this area. And I did make some lovely napkins for my brother and sister-in-law...but I forgot to take any photos of them before I handed them over! Fail :(

8. To bake more
You've seen the biscuits, and I made cake too, but I do need to pick things up in this area. In terms of consuming baked goods...I've been amazing at that!!!

9. To encourage and uplift the women in my life
I'm not really sure that I'm the best person to review this item, but I have tried to listen well and encourage when I have an opportunity. I have been trying to not just think about doing something encouraging, but to actually do it...and if I do it when I think about it I'm less likely to forget!

10. To compare myself with others less
Lets just say...'could do better'.

11. To wear a dress or skirt at least once a week
I'm totally going to blame this on the extreme weather. I did wear a dress on our girly day in York, but I came home with cold knees! I'll definitely make more of an effort from now on.

12. To do more stuff with my hair
I have decided that I really need to get a hair cut. After 7 months, I think it's about time. I have been trying to vary the styles and methods of tying my hair up...but getting photographic evidence has been a little more problematic. But I have witnesses if anyone is really that interested!

So, that's January over already...I think I'd also like to find a way to stop time whizzing by so fast. Any ideas?!

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