Saturday, 28 January 2012

Our Jan 2012

Another round of photos from my phone during the month of January!
p.s. I know we're not at the end of January yet, but I'm away today catching up with friends in York and I'm hoping to have loads of photos to share from that.

1. An alternative use for packaging!
2. The new cool calendar 'we' were given for Christmas...up and doing its job!
3. A very apt t-shirt
4. Failing at trying to take a picture of my hair to show I'm trying the different hairstyles thing (12 in 2012!)...but look at how sparkly my ring is!!!
5 & 6. First visit to the recently refurbished library...playing with the toys and not reading any books!
7. Showing daddy how to play the instruments at the museum.
8. Play-doh!
9. Traveling is tiring!
10. My lovely new has been used already.
11. I always knew I'd built a house one day...
12. ...complete with roof garden!
13. A new pencil case for the E-man made from daddy's old jeans.
14. Regretting trying the straddle the step length-ways!
15. I'm not always sure how I feel about seeing the moon as I leave work....pretty but a little sad.
16. Japanese night!
17. A fried egg for my desk!
18. Drawing round our hands.

Happy Saturday!

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