Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Biscuit, anyone?

Just to provide evidence of some of my baking this month...

My version of Mary Berry's 'Fork Biscuits' from the recipe in her Baking Bible.
I didn't follow the last step as I found that they were too crumbly to squash with a fork, maybe because I made them with goat's butter for a dairy-free friend rather than cow's butter.
They were still mighty tasty though...which is the important bit!

I also made the lemon yoghurt cake from the same book but didn't take any photos as I finished it about 11pm and just wanted to go to bed!!! It was delicious so I'm sure I will be making it again and shall definitely provide else am I meant to show off my new cake stand from Christmas?!?!


alison said...

Is goat's butter not dairy? Every day's a school day!

Lindsay said...

Well, it's suitable for my dairy free friend and that's all that matters to me! x