Monday, 2 January 2012

12 in 2012 - Part 2

12 in 2012 blog title

5. To watch less tv
It's amazing how many hours can be spent (wasted) each week just watching whatever happens to be on the box! I'm so guilty of just relaxing (slobbing out) and loosing time to the idols of various tv channels. Well, no more! Hopefully!
I suppose the root of this one is to be more in control and take charge of my time in a better way. And it leads onto the next three items. Quite often I complain that I just don't have enough time when really it's that I don't steward my time well. The tv is definitely one of the biggest drains of my time so I'm going to try and be more disciplined about what I watch and how much time I spend sat watching something, when I know that I could/should/would like to be doing something else.
However, I am hoping to watch one 'classic' film each month this year. More on this soon...

6. To read more
Less time watching the tv will hopefully mean more time to read! I have many books on the Interact reading list to work through (I'm getting there slowly), as well as many others that are on my personal to-read list. And probably more that will be added during the year!
And hopefully more reading will mean a few book reviews for the blog!

7. To take more photos and craft more
Again, less time watching the tv will hopefully mean more time to take photos and craft! I have been given a macro lens and a couple of great crafting books for Christmas/birthday this year, as well as a subscription to Mollie Makes magazine. Every year I have great intentions to take more photos and make birthday and Christmas presents for people, and maybe even sell some on t'internet...but I always struggle to finish things...or even get started.
I've joined up with a couple of the other girls at work to start a crafting time one lunchtime a week which will hopefully help keep me going! And, of course I will share my endeavours with you!

8. To bake more
Once again, more time will hopefully translate to more baked goodies!
Then hopefully my new Mary Berry's Baking Bible and all the baking accessories I have been gifted will not just be used but completely abused!!!

Numbers 9 to 12 up tomorrow...


laura anne said...

On TV - record what you REALLY want to watch. This means that

1. You don't 'have' to be home for it.
2. You save time by being able to fast forward through adverts
3. You're not sucked into watching what's on before or after it!

Works like a charm...! :)

Lindsay said...

Laurie, I'm totally with you on the recording tv. It has 'saved' us in the last couple of years...but sometimes there is a clash of priorities as to which programs are worth recording. iplayer, 4OD etc are also very important in helping us watch only the things we want to!
Plus, fast forwarding the adverts is completely addictive!!! x