Monday, 25 January 2010

A train, some rain and other weekend things...

I don't know what it is about train journeys but, even though they provide hours of potential useful time to read or listen or get stuff done, I just want to sit and gaze out of the window. Everytime I have a train journey planned I think carefully about what I could do with the time, what I could read, what I could sew, what I could write, knowing deep down that I'm not going to risk doing any of these things. I'm not going to risk having my head in a book or my focus on an activity which means I miss something wonderful outside.

I love just watching the scenery go by and the changes in landscape and weather. I love chuckling at the sheep running aimlessly across the fields and the cows watching you pass by. I loved the hills still covered in snow and the frozen ponds and rivers. I love observing the people I'm sharing the journey with (not in a weird stalker-ish way), taking in their habits and uniquenesses.

I couldn't possibly fully engage in anything else, I'm too busy just taking everything in. I don't even spned the time thinking deep thoughts. I just kinda zone out!

So this was how I spent 4 hours of my Thursday last week...just watching, observing, enjoying...and taking it all in.

I had a great time catching up and spending time with family. It all just seems to have gone by so fast!
Once again I was rubbish at taking any photos...this was mainly due to the typical Manchester weather (grey, wet, miserable). But also I was too busy just relaxing, observing, enjoying and taking everything in.

And sometimes that's all that is needed.

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