Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Christmas and New Year Shenanigans

So, I thought I'd show you a few photos of what we got up to over Christmas and the New Year...i.e. not a lot!

Christmas Day was very calm and civilised. This is me modelling one of my new maternity tops!

Some of the afternoon was spent Skyping my family...this turned out to be rather chaotic, but still fun!

On New Years Day we went for a walk in a local park. Sledging was not on the agenda this year...we're all too sensible it would seem!
This is me with my brother and his wife.



There was an interesting tree that looked like it had been cut down in its past but had continued to grow and thrive despite the harsh treatment! Sometimes nature speaks to me louder than anything!


And someone had left bits of bread on all the bins for the birds to enjoy. I decided that this was a new definition of a 'bread bin' and thought it was very funny...not sure anyone else did though!
Lindsay: 'oh look, there's another bread bin'
Everyone else: 'hmm, ok'

And here is me embracing one of my few resolutions/hopes/attitudes for the New Year...make everyday fun/special/extra-ordinary!


Julie said...

You suit the bump- looking very healthy! Hope you are well.x

alison said...

looking fab in the maternity tops linds! x

Lindsay said...

Thanks ladies.
Making the most of the bump not being too big yet! Although putting on socks and tying shoelaces is already starting to become interesting! x