Monday, 11 January 2010

Say What?!

So, sometimes I am slow. Very slow.

I am very slowly coming to the realisation that my words have a big impact. Both positive and negative. Both on myself and those around me.
I am also slowly coming to the realisation that I moan a lot.

These are slow realisations because, although I know these things in my head, they are taking a long (llllooooooonnnnnnnnggggggg) time to have an impact in my day to day life. Like I said, sometimes I’m very slow!

It’s like the revelation of the reality of my words is slowly unfolding one leaf/petal/slap around the face at a time. And I feel that I should know better by now!

The biggest revelation recently? The impact that my words have on me.

It’s obvious that when I moan or say something negative to someone else it gets them down…but it gets me down too…even if I don’t realise it. And sometimes I’m so quick to moan that I don’t leave enough space/time/air for more positive things to be said/thought/done.

Another recent realisation…if I can’t think of anything positive to say…don’t say anything at all! Seriously.

I have made a deliberate effort to not say anything sometimes at work. In fact, I have started listening to my ipod more because I realised that if I didn’t hear some of the things I found annoying going on around me, I didn’t then moan or complain about them. Plus, listening to worship music is always good for the soul!

Recently I heard how we should think when we speak and our words should be:
T – truth
H – helpful
I –inspired
N – necessary
K – kind

So as I endeavour to ‘think’ about what I say, 2010 will hopefully be a year of less words which in some ways may be a year of more!

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