Thursday, 14 January 2010

Learning to Fly

I used to have a reoccurring dream where I could fly.

I would look to the sky and just take off. Mostly I’d fly over the places I knew, places that were familiar. But seeing them from above gave me a different perspective. I enjoyed just taking in the sights and watching the people below.

Flying was freeing. Any problems or troubles would be left behind on the ground. As I got higher and higher they would get smaller and smaller. Flying released me from their grip, their influence and impact.

I could take others flying with me too. I just had to come alongside them and hold onto them. Then they could rise up with me and be free too.

I rarely have this dream now. But I do have other dreams…dreams that need to fly…dreams that need me to fly.

I’m excited as we begin a new sermon series at church and look into what it means for us to fly. I know that the process will be hard at times. Sometimes it feels safer and more comfortable to have both feet on the ground.

But I pray that we would all take a step of faith and help each other as we learn to fly together. I’m excited for the freedom and release the Holy Spirit will bring and I’m excited for the new, bigger perspective God wants to share with us. I’m excited as we draw closer to Him and learn what it means to be His…truly His. And I’m excited as we begin to experience what it means to life live in all its fullness.

And I’m so excited I need to find a new word for excited before I wear it out!

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