Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Ladies, ladies, ladies...and some other stuff!

This weekend I went to an event/gathering for the ladies at our church. God spoke to me so much over the weekend that it’ll take a long time to dissect it all and share it here but I hope to get round to sharing some things over the next few days.

I have to admit that I love women’s meetings and ministry…there’s just something in me that is really drawn to spending time with women and wanting them to connect in a real way with their father and creator. I love it when women come together and share their heart. There is so much compassion, tenderness, vulnerability and potential (and usually lots of tears and tissues too). I left the weekend feeling full to bursting with a whole range of stuff! I am really looking forward to hopefully being able to get more involved in this area of ministry in the future.

I was also a little anxious. I still don’t know that many people at church and I was slightly worried that I’d be on my own. However this didn’t happen at all. I got to spend time with lots of ladies that I had met briefly before as well as new people I’d never met. I had some great conversations and just times of laughter and girly stuff. It was refreshing. It was definitely what I needed.

For me the overriding feeling of the weekend was one of being home. This has been something I have missed for a long time and moving to Edinburgh to be part of mbc was driven by the desire to be somewhere where we could feel at home and be part of the family. This has certainly been true over the last year but on Friday night I was literally overwhelmed by the sense of being welcomed, at rest, free, comfortable, open, just me…at home.

I really felt God say to me that ‘home is where the heart is’.

As I have moved a few times in the last few years, I have sometimes struggled to feel settled and at home. But I’ve felt that God has let me know in the past that as long as my heart was there and that my heart was His, He would make it home.

However, this time I felt the meaning was different. I felt that God was saying it felt like home because we had all come with our hearts ready and expectant and open to God, and to each other. We had literally brought our hearts. And because of that, God had come and connected His heart to ours. And He had revealed some of our heavenly home.

When I opened the curtains on Saturday morning I looked across the street and almost couldn’t believe my eyes. There, in the snow, someone’s tyre tracks had made two hearts. Not separate, but connected, touching, joined.


I love, love, love it when God shows me things like that!

There are so many other things to share from this weekend, both from the ladies gathering and the new sermon series ‘fly’, but this post has already got ridiculously long!

But can I encourage anyone who is reading this take some time to bring your heart to God. All of it, not just the bits you want Him to see. When you do, He will draw His heart to yours…not separate, but connected, touching, joined…and you can feel totally at home.


Kristy said...

Are those 2 hearts for real?Someone must have staged them no?

Lindsay said...

I have no idea how they were made. They don't look like genuine car tracks, but still very cool! I must live near some very creative and lovely people!!!