Sunday, 10 January 2010

Like a Lion

I have this hair. Although it’s more like a mane.
It’s thick and wavy and sometimes very uncontrollable.

I used to have it short, very short just so it could be tamed. But it was still pretty wild.

Now I keep it long(ish) but there’s just so much of it that it drives me wild!

I love having it longer and am desperate to do more with it than just tying it up or wearing it down. But there’s just so much of it! It takes forever just to stop it looking so wild and unkempt.

I’d love to embrace its inner wildness. But it’s not one of those stylish, quirky wildnesses where everyone thinks you’re hip and cool. It’s more of an ‘I live in the bush and don’t own a brush’ wildnesses where everyone thinks you’ve forgotten to groom.

Oh, the dilemmas of having big hair!

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