Monday, 22 February 2010

Stress Head

Ahh! I feel like I have so much to do this week and so little time!

We're off to celebrate a big family birthday at Center Parcs this weekend...very nice.
But I have tons of stuff to do and get ready and pack before Thursday and not much free time to do it all in...not nice.

I'm starting to get a little stressed about getting everything done...and still remaining sane!
Like, all the washing I need to do. Having a limited maternity wardrobe is sometimes helpful (i.e. I won't spend hours deciding what to pack) but sometimes it isn't (i.e. I feel like I'm washing the same few clothes all the time!)
Like, the drying and ironing of all the washing that I need to do. Maybe on this occasion I can forgo the ironing and do it when we get there (my fussy perfectionist self can't believe I'm even suggesting this!)
Like, filing my nails. They're growing so fast at the moment (thank you pregnant body) but I can't file them in close proximity to the husband...he hates the sound. And I happen to be spending every evening with the lovely chap this week! I might have to resort to locking myself in the bathroom to do it!
Like, packing! With pregnancy brain at an all time high I am convinced that I am going to forget something/many things! I think I need to make a list (I love lists!)

Work is crazy busy this week with a client meeting and lots of deadlines to meet and numbers to crunch and designs to draw (which is why I'm writing this instead...erm!)
And we have something going on every evening this week until Thursday (maybe my small group will help me iron/pack?!)

When will I sleep?!?!
When will I eat?!?!

I have managed to paint my toes nails...bigger achievement than it sounds! And my cake baking went down very well at work today (despite several near disastrous moments in the kitchen yesterday!)
And somehow, getting some of my stress out here has helped me calm down a little. Like therapy!

Now, where to start with that list......?!

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lynn said...

hope you are having a great time. You will come back to see I have finally managed to update my blog and add you to the blogroll. Looking forward to following your journey in the months ahead!

L x