Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Tummy Tuesday - 31 & 32 weeks

I seem to be getting into the habit of taking the photos each week but not reporting on them for two weeks. Maybe I should rename this 'Two-weekly Tummy Tuesday' but that would be a bit of a mouthful!

Anyhow, on to the important bit...so this is last week's photo at 31 weeks.
IMG_1243 (1)

And this is this week's at 32 weeks.
IMG_1245 (1)

There doesn't seem to be that much difference between the two this time, but today I feel like I've expanded by another 2 inches or so over night!

Other things of note this week:
- I am still sporting an 'inny' belly button much to my surprise.
- I really need to paint my toenails this weekend:
a) before I go to Center Parcs next weekend and
b) before I can no longer reach them!
- I am being taught by my unborn child to sit up properly. Whenever I slouch I get a kick/punch/nudge/wriggle in the ribs!
- I still haven't managed to video any wriggles. I will try harder this weekend!

This last week has also brought the arrival of the first stretch mark...which made me cry!
I had a huge battle with myself about the whole thing but I think I'm getting over it now...kinda.
I'm saving my thoughts on this for another time. I don't think they're profound...just too long to add onto here!

Anyway, more importantly...today is pancake day! Yay!
I can't wait to get home and munch on lots of pancakey goodness :)
(And obviously think serious thoughts about lent!)

Happy Pancake Day xxx


Bianca said...

Yeah!!!! I LOVE it :) This is so fun.

PS How do you still look so good with a protruding belly?! I'm jealous.

alison said...

I think you should teach Mr. E to paint your toenails. Then even when you can no longer reach past your knees you can still have beautiful spangly toes! x

Lindsay said...

Bianca - I have no idea how I have managed to not expand in every direction. I am truly blessed...and I think wearing black helps too!

Al - I'm sure Mr. E would be more than happy to help paint toes nails but I think my perfectionist tendencies would make it hard for me to not do it myself! I'm my own worst enemy sometimes!

lynn said...

stress marks are signs of your increased capacity to love :-)

That's my theological statement of the week LOL