Monday, 1 February 2010

Flying, Fears and Bumble Bees

How would I define the last few days?
With tears and snot and lots of tissues. With confusion, frustration and lots of struggling. With openness and hurts and lots of vulnerability.

"Life is about change. Sometimes its painful, sometimes its beautiful but most of the time its both." ~ Smallville*

To be honest, it’s been longer than the last few days. But every now and then the pain of change comes to a point where it needs to be released and the tears start to flow, and don’t always seem to stop.

I’m grateful for the great teaching we are receiving at church right now. For the challenge to work through and break down those things that keep us bound so that we can fly.
And I’m grateful for the challenge from Bianca to be honest about ourselves and our struggles. For the call to face our fears and be real, genuine, authentic.
I’m grateful for the work that God is doing in me and hopefully through me. Revealing the ungodly beliefs and insecurities, restoring my true identity, healing my pain and fears.

But flippin’ ‘eck! It’s tough. And it hurts. And it leaves no space for false masks and cover ups. The tears would only soak through anyway!

Slowly I’m learning to let go of the things the world says I can and can’t do. I’m learning to listen to what God thinks of me, not others. I’m learning to live according to His potential in me. Free, unbound and flying.

“Aerodynamically the bumblebee shouldn’t be able to fly, but the bumblebee doesn’t know that so it keeps flying anyway” ~Mary Kay Ash

Bumbly Bee

*I would just like it to be known that I don’t actually watch smallville, I’m too old and uncool for that. But I read this quote somewhere else and had to use it and I’m too honest to let people think I came up with it myself!

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