Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Tummy Tuesday - 29 & 30 weeks

I was bad last week, and though I took photos of the tummy I never got round to uploading them. So this week there is a slight catch up.

The first two photos are from last week - at 29 weeks. There's the standard side on view along with a slightly different angle...just for a change!

IMG_1234 (1)
(Please ignore the messy hair and slightly gormless look!)

Then this one is this week's entry - 30 weeks!
IMG_1240 (1)

So that means...10 weeks until the due date! I can count that down on my fingers and thumbs! That makes it slightly scary and real and close! (I am aware that the likelihood of it arriving on it's due date is slim to none but that just makes it all a bit more scary!)

Other things of note this week:
- I wish I'd documented what has turned out to be the fascinating changes of my belly button (for my personal entertainment only)! Seriously, I had no idea a single belly button could change shape, size and form so much. So far it's still an inny...but I think the progression to an outy is not far away!
- I have tried in vain to capture the various wriggles and kicks for your viewing pleasure, but it would appear that my unborn child is as camera shy as it's mother. It's also too smart for it's own good already and always stops wriggling just as I press record on the camera. How on earth does it know?!
- oh yeah, and I've started to get to the point where certain parts of getting dressed and undressed are a bit more tricky than usual! Putting on socks and shoes is a particular effort. And, as I found out in the middle of the supermarket the other day, picking pennies up off the floor is a complete faff and totally not worth the struggle. If only I'd known it was just a penny before I made such a plonker of myself!

Happy Tuesdays xxx


alison said...

I worry that it's a bit wierd how excited I get when I see your gorgeous bump! But I think I'm just so excited that you and Phil are going to provide such a fabulous loving home for a new little life and I just know God is gonna bless you so much in the new phase of your life! x

Lindsay said...

Aww, thanks Al.
You should know that it takes very little to set a pregnant lady off crying...which I'm now doing again, at work, for like the fourth time this week!
Hope we can catch up properly soon x