Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Tummy Tuesday - 33 & 34 weeks

So here it is...the fortnightly update on the growing belly!

I'm not sure how much you can tell from these photos but I really feel that I have expanded loads particularly in the last week. My bump is becoming more round now and less pointy as the baby puts on some serious weight.
And I have to apologise to Alison...I forgot to get the tape measure out, sorry! Maybe next week!

So, here's last week's record - 33 weeks...
IMG_1248 (1)

And this week's - 34 weeks...
IMG_1287 (1)

Can you see the difference?!

I'm starting to get very tired again now and stairs or uphill inclines have become hard work! Eating and breathing have become a bit more difficult too as the baby grows further and further into my rib cage! And waking up with a foot in the ribs (on the inside) is very weird!

I'm still really enjoying all the wriggling and kicking. Sometimes it's a little uncomfortable and I've started to yelp a little, which I've been kindly asked to refrain from doing as Phil keeps thinking I'm going into labour!

Ooh, and I've also found that the bump is a now a great place to hold a plate, bowl or bag of goodies (chocolate/crisps/healthy snacks!) whilst sitting on the sofa! Happy Days!

Happy Tuesdays x


koalainscotland said...

Wow! I can TOTALLY see the difference between the two pictures.

And you made me giggle as you reminded me of a conversation with some teens in school recently as they were talking about the pros/cons of keeping the baby

'well if you're pregnant, you can balance a cup of tea or whatever on your stomach....like Phoebe did in Friends!'

Gotta love youth/sex & relationships education work. You just never know what's going to be said!

lynn said...

when do you stop work? Dont leave it too late, that's my tip