Thursday, 18 June 2009

Crazy Lady Day!

So, I probably shouldn't really be blogging right now. I have a big deadline at work tomorrow and things are a little crazy around here as there's just so much to do...of which blogging is not technically one of them! :)

But I felt that there were some things of particular noteworthiness today (I thought I just made that word up but the spell checker recognised it! I'll have to try harder next time!)

1. Me + crazy times = one very tired (and slightly grumpy) crazy lady. Not nice!

2. Me + the crazy lady look = not something that should be seen in public! My outfit is not too bad but my hair, oh my poor hair...I really need to give my hair some care and love soon!

3. And just in case the whole crazy lady look wasn't bad enough...I left my make-up bag in the car yesterday evening (due to essential make-up maintence issues en route to house group. Yes, I do need to look good for house group. Studying God's word absolutely requires bronzer and mascara!) AND being the tired crazy lady that I am at the moment, I totally forgot that it was in the car SO Phil left for work this morning whilst I was in the shower with my make-up bag still in the car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Yes, it does require that many exclamation marks!)

4. So now, I'm sat at work tired, grumpy, a little stressed and sans make-up!!!! But to be honest I don't think anyone has even noticed...what does that say about my need to wear make-up to go out in public?!?!

5. Phil made me take photos of the beetroot (plural) he brought home last night from the greenhouse...yum! Except that I'm not going to be allowed to eat any of this batch as he wants to pickle them :(

6. Yes, the sole reason I am writing this list is so that I can colour the numbers in rainbow order to make me smile, which means I need to keep going until I get to 7...

7. You need to know that this rainbow coloured list has made one crazy, make-up free, tired lady it was totally worth it! Yay!

I will be back to a more regular, less frazzled self at the weekend hopefully...
Do something that makes you smile today!

L x

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julie said...

you have always had a thing about rainbow colours!x