Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Big Word Wednesday #3

I come from a family of doers rather than thinkers. Some planning and preparation did go into our schemes and activities, but the focus was always on getting things done, not talking or thinking about getting things done.

Free time was spent getting out there and playing or doing things, not considering the various options and possibilities for what we could play or do. Which is probably why my dress sense appeared to be so haphazard and crazy (that’s my excuse anyway!). It was more about getting the clothes on and getting out having fun, meeting friends, and doing crazy things, than wondering whether the clothes matched or looked good in any way!

Although there were certain items in my wardrobe that would never have looked ‘good’ no matter how much thought went into them! Neon leggings, trainer boots with laces and Velcro straps, huge glasses, shiny party dresses worn in combination with bright pink roller skates! Maybe one day I’ll show you the photos to prove it!

As I’ve grown older (just a little bit) I find that I do think about things more…which takes me to today’s Big Word Wednesday:

1. Careful thought or deliberation
2. Mindfulness or thoughtful concern of others
3. Detailed examination or discussion

I do think carefully and deliberate over what I’m going to wear now. It often involves a detailed examination of the options and a discussion with whoever is available (usually Phil, which makes it more of a monologue…he thinks I look good whatever I wear!). And knowing that my chosen ensemble will be viewed by the general public, I can say that I am mindful and have a genuine concern for others when dressing in the morning. I have been known to scare small children in the past!

But seriously, my wardrobe does not really need this much consideration. Surely, as long as I have clothes to wear that keep me warm when I’m cold and cool when I’m hot, and preserve my dignity, I’m blessed.

But sometimes, I can get so wrapped up in the things around me…the pressures from the media to look good, the inner struggles to be a perfect wife, friend, person, and a million and one other things that are too numerous to mention/remember…that I spend my time giving a great deal of consideration to things which probably do not warrant it.

And the time I am spending examining these things, is time that I’m not spending thinking about God. It is time that I could be giving consideration to God’s word and its possibilities and applications for my life.

But not just in a thinking way, in a doing way. In a way that gets me out there having lots of fun, making friends and doing crazy things! In a way that has an impact on me and others…and hopefully more of an impact than my neon leggings and roller skates ever had!

I will meditate on all your works
and consider all your mighty deeds.
Psalm 77:12

I remember the days of long ago; I meditate on all your works and consider what your hands have done.
Psalm 143:5

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