Sunday, 7 June 2009

Biege Eyes and Having Fun!

After reading Bianca's post about making decisions and the will of God, I starting thinking about something that I realised had gone from my life. I realised that I very rarely worry about wearing the wrong eyeshadow colour. (Ok, so not quite as important as following God's will but I do think about that a lot too!) I rarely worry about what colour eyeshadow to wear because I have become the queen of biege/neutral/boring eyeshadow!

Ok, so I have neutral matt finish, neutral shimmer finish and neutral with added sparkle...but I haven't past my eyeshadow brush over the non-biege shades in my make up bag for quite a while. My grown-up-ness and sensibleness had started to become boring-ness and I decided that I didn't want any more of it! So while it might not be appropriate to wear coloured eyeshadow for work (I'm not sure how a bunch of engineers would react to eyeshadow!) I didn't see any reason why my weekend eyes had to be biege/neutral/boring too.

So yesterday my eyes looked like this...


Ok, so the colour might not be overwhelmingly bright but its a step in the right direction. And it appears the coloured eyeshadow inspired a few other moments of fun filled craziness...including taking photos of myself doing cartwheels!!!
This is my 'woman walking with a purpose'!!!




Hope you had a fun filled, brightly coloured weekend too x

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