Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Big Word Wednesday #4

1. Gift for discovery – a natural gift for making useful discoveries quite by accident
2. Discovery of something fortunate – the accidental discovery of something pleasant, valuable or useful
3. A romantic film starring Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack and an amazing patisserie in New York I HAVE to go to!

Ahh, where to start? I love this word! Just a shame I couldn’t think of it myself (thanks Kristy)!

Do you believe that your life is led by chance, fate, luck, fortune, accidents? Do you believe that your destiny is determined coincidence, a pure fluke of nature, a moment of serendipity?

I personally don’t believe that my life is a random collection of happenings or moments. But rather that even in the unknown, my every step is known and led and guided by God. A God who cares about me so much he has counted the number of hairs on my head, and that’s a lot!
I believe that my life is led by design and providence and that I have a purpose which is unique and specific to me. Not random, not accidental, not fortunate. But planned, created, knitted…one stitch at a time. How wonderful!

But serendipity still features largely in my life…sometimes every day. My learning process about God seems to happen in a very serendipitous way…did you manage to say that?!

I love the way that He chooses to hide Himself in so many ways, just waiting for us to discover things for ourselves. Looking on from a distance waiting for our wide eyes and giddy response when we understand something new, something pleasant, something valuable about our Father God.

I find that God can speak to me through the randomest of things and situations…that my learning and understanding of God and His heart and character quite often comes about by accident, by serendipity! Or that’s how it appears to me!

Has serendipity ever been a feature in your life? How?

And because posts are definitely better with pictures…here’s a lovely photo I serendipitously captured a few weeks ago (although I’d like to think some skill went into it!) Love, love, love it!

p.s. please continue to pass on any ideas for big brain is seriously like mush at the minute...that's what big deadlines at work do to you!
L x

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