Friday, 24 June 2011

14 months...

Ok, so I totally missed the 13 month update. Things were a little crazy around here at the end of May.
Anyway, here are some lovely photos I took yesterday while we were playing in the park.





Being a little naughty and climbing up the slide!


Chasing a friend and squealing with delight! So funny to watch!

I know this one is a little out of focus but I really like it (it looks better if you look at it from further away!)

I can't believe how much his walking is coming on. He doesn't fall very often, which is good for my nerves! And he was loving being so adventurous and climbing on things yesterday. And the slide was good fun too!
His talking is coming on and he tries to copy a lot of what we say. And he's picking up the baby sign very quickly now too, which can be really helpful when we're trying to work out what he's asking for!
And we finally have the next two teeth! Its only taken them about 4 months but they've actually broken through the gum now. Although they're only poking out by about 1mm! So that takes the total tooth count to 6 so far.

And this is the 'mummy, please stop taking photos of me and help me climb on this thing' face!!!

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