Thursday, 16 June 2011

Things I'm loving right now...

1. The warmer weather...about time...nuff said!

2. This book...I've literally just finished it and all I can say is, if you're a christian you have to read it!

3. My freebie face mask I got when buying a birthday present for someone else. I tried it last night and it was it was free! Better than a bargain!

4. The new anthropologie store in Edinburgh. I knew it would be my downfall when this store opened and my first visit there yesterday (on the opening day) didn't prove me wrong!

5. The numerous daisies carpeting the grass as I walked through the meadows today.

6. Tea and cake with friends...this cannot happen too frequently in my opinion!

7. People watching from my living room window.

8. Seeing more of my husband now work craziness has calmed down.

Happy Thursday!


alison said...

i wish i was nearer to have tea and cake more often! x

Lindsay said...

Al, I wish you were nearer too! Although you have Betty's so maybe I should wish I was nearer to you. Or that Betty's would open up in Edinburgh! x