Tuesday, 7 June 2011

My May 2011

May 2011 phone photos

1. There may have been 43 people in front of me in the queue...but its the simple things that make me happy...like being number 100 at the post office!
2. Eating an apple like the big boys do!
3. Breakfast fail on mummy's part...managed to loose control of both spoons and my own breakfast. Sometimes it's just so hard not to give in to the cuteness!
4. Eating asparagus!
5. Tiny tiny bird
6. Finally big enough to sit on his chair!
7. Reading...he would do this all day if he could!
8. The originality of my mother and sister...sending us the same card for our wedding anniversary! Great minds eh?!
9. Ethan's seeds starting to grow
10. Using the ark as a new hat!
11. A dark picture, I know...but I was so happy to have dinner at a restaurant where you can actually have some of every dessert on the menu! Lovely anniversary treat!
12. Grandma working her magic and sending someone to sleep!

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