Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Alive in me

So, I'm feeling a bit 'not right' at the minute.
I can't really put my finger on what's not right. But I just feel not right.

Not ill, just mixed up. Kinda rollercoaster like. Which I don't really want to be. I want to be a bit (lot) more consistent and content.

But I know that one thing that always helps me and changes my perspective and attitude when I'm going through these mixed up times is listening to worship music.
I literally can't get enough of the latest Hillsong United album, Aftermath. I listen to it over and over again.

The lyrics of this song spoke to me today...

You can take my dry bones
Breathe life into this skin
You called me by name
Raised me to life again

You can calm the oceans
Speak peace into my soul
Take me as I am
Awaken my heart to beat again

Oh Jesus, Oh Jesus, Oh Jesus
Alive in me

You move in the unseen
You set the captives free
As I stand and sing
You're breaking the chains off me

Oh Jesus, Oh Jesus, Oh Jesus
Alive in me, alive in me

Breathe in me Your life
Till Your love overtakes me
Open up my eyes
Let me see You more clearly
Falling on my knees till I love like You love
Like You love me, I love You

Oh Jesus, Oh Jesus, Oh Jesus
Alive in me

Songwriters: Joel Houston and Jill McCloghry

Sometimes (a lot of the time) I need to remember that Jesus is alive in me.

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