Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Notes from the allotment:

- weeds can look pretty.

- never judge the strength of a weed by the amount you can see above the ground.

- there's no point removing the weed if you leave the root will just grow back.

- weeds don't stop you producing fruit...but they will reduce the quality and quantity of the fruit.
- some creatures can feed off weeds just as much as they can feed off fruit.

- removing weeds is hard work...especially when they've been left for a long time.

- if I go back to the allotment and it is as overgrown as it was on Monday, I will be very upset!

Phil and I spent a lot of time on Monday at our allotment. I wished we'd taken before and after photos because I removed a whole load of weeds (big, waist high, nasty, prickly, bug filled weeds!) and in some areas it looked quite different when we left. I also got to plant some stuff too...Italian onion (Christmas present from mum), kale and some unidentified, surprise veggies!

While pulling and digging up the weeds I thought a lot about the weeds we can allow to grow in our life. The weeds that will grow and take over if we allow them to. The weeds that will reduce the quality and quantity of our fruit. The weeds that can look or seem innocent but which do a lot of damage deep down.
Dealing with any kind of weed is hard work and is usually an on going process but the result is completely worthwhile.

In our allotment, the aim is to grow fruit and veg that we (and others) can eat and enjoy and that provides energy and sustenance to us.
In my life, I hope to produce fruit that I and others can enjoy. That brings life, energy and sustenance. So it's important that I deal with, and keep on top of the weeds.

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