Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The clouds, the rain and the wardrobe

Ok...Scotland...so it's supposed to be the middle of summer and it feels like we went straight from spring to autumn! We have had some wonderful summer days here and there...but they were punctuated, quite heavily, by lots of rain!

I think most ladies would agree that during the slightly warmer months we'd love to be out about wearing something like this...

Or looking like this...

Or even fashioning an outfit like this...

But instead I feel that I'd be more appropriate going out dressed like this!

And while it may be completely practical...it's just not flattering at all!

Obviously there are some silver linings...like the potential to wear these...

But really, other than fishermen, who wants to spend the majority of the year wearing wellies?!

Although maybe I could try this look?

I would like one day where I don't feel that I need to wear my boots just in case it rains...or regret not wearing my boots when I get caught in a downpour! And having to push a buggy means that I need my hands free so I can't even skip around with a lovely umbrella :(

They say that there's no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothes.

I'm not sure I agree!

Anyone else surviving weather induced wardrobe malfunctions?!


Laura Anne said...

I've gotten accustomed to soggy feet and frizzy hair. But I still moan and whinge about it!!! :)

Lindsay said...

Ha ha! Me too!
I think that's the British way...to moan about the weather!