Friday, 22 July 2011

Who's afraid of...


I hate them. Them, and their slug counterparts. Urgh!
Sorry God, but I really do not like them at all one little bit. And if you have blessed me with a son who loves them and wants to bring them in the house and keep them...then I will cry...lots!

Knowing my feelings towards snails, you can imagine my shear joy when I found one inside the fridge this morning! AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!

There are many benefits to growing our own veg and salad on the allotment. Finding snails anywhere in the house is not one of them!
Phil's response to my problem...they are nice with garlic! Not even slightly funny!

After about 15 minutes of deep breathing and preparation I managed to muster the courage to remove the snail and deposit it outside...via a 2nd storey window (sorry snail!)

Now, I think I must have a great day lined up as it cannot possibly get any worse!

Anyone else not enjoy certain parts of 'nature'?

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