Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Tummy Tuesday - 20 weeks

This weeks Tummy Tuesday is actually from last week as I'm 21 weeks along now. And it is an inside view of what's going on in my tummy!

We had the 20 week scan last week and all is well. The baby slept through most of the scan apart from a couple of times when it yawned, probably to let us know we were disturbing its sleep. Its already so much like its daddy!!!

I hope to get back to a regular posting of my growing midrift but things are a little crazy at home at the minute. My lovely assistant is studying hard for an exam and its quite difficult to take a picture of myself! I think my camera thinks its in trouble as its been used so little recently. I must rectify that soon!

Happy Tuesdays xxx

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Bianca said...

This is lovely!!! Your baby is beautiful.