Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Tummy Tuesday - 23 weeks

So, here it is...the most recent bump photos taken literally 2 minutes ago using the ironing board as a tripod!!!


This is my 'I'm pregnant and have a sore back give me a seat' pose!!! So far only used at team meetings, but I'm perfecting it for the many busy bus journeys in the New Year!!!

I'm still totally amazed and bewildered everytime I feel it kick and move. I could actually stare at my stomach for hours on end...if I didn't have to work and sit at a desk in an office with other people!!!

Happy Tuesdays xxx


alison said...

yay :)
looking lovely loops! xxx

Bianca said...

Yaaaaaay! Finally a new picture :)

Woohoo :)

One question: How are you still so thin? I'm jealous.