Monday, 21 December 2009

What I am...

I am currently very cold (not much difference there)
I am very short sighted (sometimes in more ways than one)
I am very sure about some things
I am currently unsure about other things
I am loved
I am different
I am silly (sometimes)
I am sensible (most of the time)
I am organised (or at least I try to be)
I am currently being quite lazy
I am creative
I am usually hungry
I am always thinking about desserts!
I am found, but sometimes still a little bit lost
I am always wanting more time
I am always wanting to read more, study more, learn more, do more
I am shy
I am talkative
I am always having ideas
I am usually not getting round to doing the ideas
I am very blessed
I am emotional
I am not always where I want to be
I am not always who I want to be
I am growing
I am learning (sometimes slowly)
I am careful
I am excited
I am a little apprehensive
I am looking forward
I am not sure I always make sense
I am a mixed bag
I am not sure why I wanted to do this today
I am just me

And I am currently wishing I had more photos to liven up these posts and share on here!
I have a few from the very cold and snowy weekend and a few of some (very slow) Christmas crafting. I shall endeavour to get them posted soon (hopefully before Christmas!)

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Holly said...

I loved this! My favorite: I am found, but sometimes still a little bit lost