Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Big Word Wednesday #1

So for a while now I’m wondered about having some sort of regular feature on this here bloggette. Only I couldn’t think of anything.
I thought about doing a photography series of sorts, which I’ll probably still do at some point, but my photographing has been so sporadic that I didn’t really have much to show. I’ll get a wriggle on, I promise, and get snapping so I have more to share. I know that the pictures make the words much more pretty!

Anyhow, I just came up with something that I’m going to start on a regular basis from today until I get bored of it/forget about it. And please don’t think that I’ve spent weeks dreaming up this idea…I literally just thought of it right this minute, whilst typing a big(ish) word.

So, what is Big Word Wednesday?
Well…let’s find out…

Speculation (noun)
1. a conclusion, theory or opinion based on incomplete facts or information
2. reasoning based on incomplete facts or information

How often in life do we make assumptions and judgements based only on what we can see? How often do we judge people and their situation based on our initial perceptions or understanding? How often do we make decisions and then give our reasons based on incomplete or partial information?

Two other definitions for speculation are:
3. a risky transaction
4. the making of risky transactions

Making a decision, or basing our thoughts and opinions on incomplete or partial information is risky. Surely that’s just common sense.
But what about when our opinions are about other people?

How risky is it to make a decision about some based solely on what you can see?
How risky is it to make a judgement about someone before ever even speaking to them?
How risky is it to make assumptions? To assume the stereotypes are correct? To believe the rumours and gossip?

Are you prone to making speculations?

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Bianca said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I love this idea... I may have to steal it :)