Sunday, 27 January 2013

It doesn't matter...

...if you're tiny or tall.
It doesn't matter if you're big or small.
If you want to have fun, it doesn't matter at all.

Thanks to CBeebies for the above snippet from a theme song (yes, I need to expand my telly viewing habits)!

How often do we put conditions on what we can or cannot do?
How many times have we avoided something because we think we're not 'qualified/experienced/old enough/young enough/etc etc'?
How many roles have we not taken up because we've decided we don't have the right qualities or skills?

And, especially in churches, how many times have we left things for those in 'official' leadership to do?

God calls us all to play our part. For church to be FUNctional...yes I believe church can be great fun (amen)...we all need to join in. And it doesn't matter whether you think you fit the mould or not.

Do you want to have fun?
Then join in!

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