Wednesday, 2 March 2011

My February 2011

1. Inspirational graffiti
2. My regular brew now I'm back at work
3. An old Georgian tea shop next to the bus stop - shame it's not still there
4. Homemade pizza
5. Well, homemade pizza using this packet mix...a bargain at 29p!
6. Henna tattoo - I felt very rebellious!
7. Pretty pattern in my latte
8. The fog
9. Ethan's Valentine's present to us!
10. Refusing to sit down!
11. Watching tv
12. I love cakes!
13. What to play with next?!
14. Recovering from a tummy bug :(
15. Mighty mint growing on the windowsill
16. Pasta is yummy!
17. Beautiful rainbow
18. Waking mummy up at 6:30am!
19. Lovely Georgian architecture...and imagining I'm in a period drama!
20. Shattered!

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