Thursday, 17 March 2011

Impossible v Difficult

Helen Skelton is a pretty amazing woman.

As I watched her walk 150m across a wire 66m in the air, I was impressed by her determination and ability to take on great challenges to help raise money for others. I was also slightly convicted by my sometimes lazy attitude and ability to find a long list of excuses!
Last year she kayaked the entire length of the Amazon river (just over 2,000 miles) again to raise money for others.

During her training for the tight rope walk, she spoke openly about the pain and struggles of the training and the mental attitude she had to develop to help her face the challenge. One thing she said that really touched me was that impossible and difficult are not the same thing. Meaning that just because the training she was going through was difficult did not make the challenge impossible. And because it was not impossible she was going to carry on working hard to meet the challenge and finish the task she set out to accomplish.

I began to think about that great verse in Luke 1:37 where it says
'For nothing is impossible with God'
and I thought about Helen's mantra - impossible and difficult are not the same thing.

That means that while nothing is impossible with God, it does not mean that nothing is difficult with God.

That's not so nice and encouraging now is it?!

I think sometimes we read the verse above and subconsciously assume that everything will be easy. But life is not easy...and it's not meant to be.
The bible says that we can grow and learn and be close to God even when life is difficult.

So, let's not be discouraged by the difficult times. Instead, let's face the challenges head on, with determination and hard work. Let's encourage one another and hold tight to God.

Remember impossible and difficult are not the same thing.

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