Monday, 7 March 2011


I'm the kind of person who made a real effort to iron her work outfit for today and lay it out ready last night so that I could go to bed feeling relaxed and chilled and have a better night's sleep in the knowledge that I was managing to keep on top of at least a small part of my life.

I'm also the kind of person who apparently has butter fingers and drops her lunch of beef and tomato stew, splashing it all up the front of her lovely ironed work outfit (which was not beef and tomato coloured) and now feels more than a bit daft sitting at her desk with red/orange splatter marks all over her!

Some days you just have to laugh because otherwise you'll cry!

If you're lucky I may take a picture of my handiwork and share it......

1 comment:

adelelavender said...

you may not have been perfectly co-ordinated Linds but I'm sure you looked lovely anyway- inside and out!