Saturday, 14 November 2009

Decaff skinny mocha choca latte, please!

"ooh, and yes to the whipped cream"

I nearly had a coffee first today. I say nearly because we ended up not going to the coffee shop. But had we made it there I'd have ordered a decaff hazelnut latte.

I love hazelnut lattes. I love the sweetness. And it stops me putting extra sugar in! I'm a sweet coffee drinker! But I have never drunk decaff coffee. In fact since being pregnant I've gone off tea and coffee altogether (I'm still mourning my cups of tea)! But I really wanted a hazelnut latte today. And to avoid giving my unborn child a caffeine high, I was going to order decaff.

You see, I'm a full flavour, full fat kinda girl. I don't drink diet coke/pepsi/pop in general because it doesn't taste as good. I love real butter because it tastes so good. And I love full fat desserts because they taste so good. (I know that decaff coffee tastes just the same as full-caff coffee but its just a personal mental thing)

But when ordering a coffee, we can have it however we like. Full fat, no fat, full caff, no caff, lots of sugar, no sugar, extra shot, extra syrup, a bit of chocolate. Whatever takes our fancy, however we want to take it.
(And sometimes we do random things like have fat free milk, caffeine free coffee but then keep the whipped cream on top - sometimes people are weird!)
And if we order a burger we can 'have it our way'. One burger, two burgers, cheese, no cheese, onions, no onions, relish, no relish. Whatever takes out fancy, however we want to take it.

Today, the world revolves around us and our likes or dislikes. Today, the customer is always right. And we are entitled to decide and dictate exactly what we want. Sweet, savoury, food or drink. However we want to take it.

But have we applied this principle to how we ingest and digest the word of God. Do we read the verses we know and like because they taste nice, because they are sweet, because they give us a warm and fuzzy feeling? Do we leave out the parts that taste bitter or are hard to swallow or difficult to digest?

Do we experience the fullness, the full flavour of God?
Or do we only allow ourselves to experience the parts we like?

Sometimes being a Christian is hard and not very tasty or attractive. Sometimes reading and understanding God's word is hard and not very tasty or attractive. But maybe it's just that our palate isn't used to it and we need to learn to understand the taste.

I don't know...just some thoughts for the weekend!

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