Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Tuesday is a muse day

7 things I like about this week so far...

1. Buying two bunches of daffodils for 99p!
2. Displaying said cheap and cheerful daffodils at work.
3. Doing the weekly food shop at the supermarket in 5 minutes because we didn't realise it was about to shut, and having fun rushing round trying to find everything. That's what happens when you decide to try a different supermarket!
4. The sunshine. The temperature might have dropped a degree or 5, but the sun is still shining most of the time.
5. Knowing that I'll be spending time with my husband and some good friends tomorrow.
6. Knowing that I'll be spending at least some time on a beach tomorrow.
7. Colouring the numbers in rainbow order (I know I'm special)!!!!

I'm sure there are plenty more, but I think this will do for now!

Ooh, and I love this picture but I have no idea who took it :(

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