Monday, 23 March 2009

Spring has arrived in the Secret Garden

I'm a little tentative in titling this post as you can guarantee that the weather will turn nasty now that I have declared the arrival of sunshine, balmy days and general all round springyness.

Anyway, I was feeling bad because I hadn't taken many photos recently, mainly because the weather was so miserable and because I couldn't think of anywhere inspirational to go to take pictures. But then I figured that I should just take pictures of whatever I can and get creative and inspired in the process.

There is a private garden right across the road from where I work and I had been making noises about how it would be nice to maybe go over one lunchtime and take some photos when the weather was nicer. So, thanks to Phil's encouragement, I did that very thing last Friday. The weather was not looking very promising first thing in the morning, but Phil assured me that it would brighten up later in the day, and sure enough it did! Its not really a secret garden as its pretty big and anyone walking along the road, or even just looking at a map, can see its there. But you have to have a key to open the gates so only a few special people get to see what's inside!

To be honest, a lot of the trees in the garden are still very bare, but I had fun just snapping away and being outside in the sunshine for a while.

I've walked past the outside of the garden a few times and noticed this small building. I headed straight over to have a better look. I was interested to find out what it was, thinking it might be a lovely little pavillion or romantic seating. But unfortunately not. It seems to be a gas pump and meter going by the signs on the doors!


There was one tree which had blossomed. It was lovely.



Some unusual blossom...

At one point I was befriended by two rather large dogs. I'm not a big dog person (as in I'm not that keen on dogs and I'm particularly not keen on big dogs) so the vigourous sniffing and checking out that they were giving me was not very appreciated. But apparently they liked me so decided to sit down next to me and then follow me around the rest of the garden!
I know it looks like the dog is just about to relieve itself but actually it was much more polite and went around the back of the tree to do that!

Towards the top of the garden is an interesting shed/shelter building. I'm not quite sure what its there for but its obviously been there a while. There were several layers of paint peeling off the bricks and the paint on the iron roof was almost non-existent! It gave some interesting patterns and textures.




There was the remains of what must have been a path or drain at some stage, but only a short length of it remains now. The use of the small narrow stones and the way it meandered down the hill made it feel as if it almost flowed through the garden.

And upon closer inspection there was even a little bit of love hidden in the stones! I think noticing that made my day!


Interesting scale texture in the tree bark.

On this particular tree there were three different kinds of lichen, green, white and black!


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