Tuesday, 3 March 2009


I like to be organised. I like to sort things and store them in boxes so I know I can find things later. And I know where to look to find what I’m after. I know what to expect when I open the box, I know what things will be inside.

Maybe that’s why sometimes we put ourselves into boxes, into categories and even stereotypes. Then people know where to look to find us, or they know what they’ll be getting when they start to open our box.

But what if we don’t fit into a box? What if we can’t be contained? Why should we be defined by someone else’s expectations?

We are created in the image and likeness of a God who cannot be contained, who cannot be kept in a box. Maybe we should look to Him first and seek our definitions from Him. For only He truly understands all that He has put inside us, whether it fits neatly into a box or not. Only He knows how best to use our skills, abilities and passions. And He will never judge us or ask us to sit tidily in a box that we were not created to be in.

And because stories are always better with pictures...

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