Tuesday, 31 March 2009

In other news today...

Today is my mum's birthday! Yay!

I can't be with her today but I will be seeing her very soon at the weekend, and I hope that she is enjoying herself in the lovely Lake District and relaxing lots (and not buying too many bargains!).

My mum is such a generous person and has taught me lots about having a giving heart in so many different ways. And she has always been a constant source of joy and laughter. You know, the kind when you're laughing so hard you can't breath and your belly hurts and you think you might actually let a bit of wee out!!!! My mum taught me how to laugh like that!

It's also my Auntie Adele's birthday. I know she hates being called that because it makes her feel old but unfortunately its the truth (that she's my auntie, not that she's old!) and I don't mind because I'm very glad that she's my Auntie!

Although I don't get to see them now as much as I would like to, these two ladies have been a constant source of inspiration in my life and have encouraged me to be creative, to dream big and to trust God with all my heart.

Thank you both for being wonderful women in my life, and Happy Birthday!!! xxx

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