Monday, 19 March 2012

A year of classic cinema - January

Way back in January I came up with the crazy idea of watching one 'classic' film a month in 2012. There are so many films out there that are 'must-sees' that I simply haven't seen, so I thought I'd try rectify the situation. Plus, who doesn't like the idea of a regular film night?!

So, that was over two months ago and I haven't reported back on how the crazy idea was actually going (thank you to everyone who made suggestions) so I now have another situation to rectify!

If I'm totally honest, I've seen Rain Man before but it was a long long time ago. And I had no real memory of the film.
There are so many things I liked about the film and I'm so glad we watched it even though it wasn't a new new film for either of us. I don't really want to give any of the plot away in case anyone reading this (is there anyone reading this?) hasn't seen it and wants to ( you should do). But I will say that it's a Tom Cruise classic, even though his acting annoyed me at the start. And Dustin Hoffman...amazing. It's a great story and I loved the development of the relationships between the characters.
And who doesn't like chuckling at the 80's fashion/hairstyles/everything!

The next 'classic' film review will be up soon and hopefully they'll be a bit more regular from now on.

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