Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Our February 2012

Another selection of photos from my phone from February.

1. The peacock dress that I was considering wearing to the mother-in-laws wedding....hmm!
2. & 3. Pear slice sculptures.
4. & 5. Sometimes its nice to see the moon when I leave work.
6. Ceiling fixing work in progress.
7. Ethan sorting the crayons in the cafe into rainbow order (total fluke) and making me very proud!
8. Ceiling fixing work complete!
9. Talking to the telephone...trying to talk to daddy!
10. My playdoh flower...before small fingers squashed it!
11. Testing the new boxes for the toys!
12. The fixed chairs being removed at church.
13. Larry in his pjs!
14. Jigsaw time.
15. My first ever eggs florentine...yum!
16. Cooking with the big pans!

Happy Tuesday!

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