Sunday, 18 March 2012

12 in 2012 - February

I'm a little behind on this 'ere blogging thing! So, let's try and get all caught up...

Two months of 2012 have now passed and I'm still trying to aim (rather ridiculously) high!
So, am I getting on? Well...

1. To read my Bible more
This has been very up and down. I have continued to read my Bible-in-one-Year at bedtime, but with an endless list of craziness going on this last month, bedtime has often involved my head hitting the pillow and zzzzzzzzzzzz!!! 

2. To memorise Scripture
I need to try much harder here. Nothing else to say.

3. To pray more
I would say my prayer life has increased and has gone through a bit of a journey. I still haven't been journalling my prayers, partly because they tend to be random bits of conversation throughout the day, and partly because life and prayer has been hard recently and it's not the sort of stuff I've wanted to take time to write down. But I have seen some great healing and answers to prayer this last month. God is good!

4. To be more thankful and content
Once again, if I'm honest, the being content thing is still not going well! In fact, I've found myself with no words other than 'argh' to express how I've been feeling about stuff. Spending time with great friends, and away from tv/magazines/media/unattainable images has helped in some ways.

5. To watch less tv
I have spent more evenings away from the telly box this month which has mostly been due to lots of other stuff going on...but hopefully I can maintain the abstinence.

6. To read more
Reading has been slow (read sssllllloooooooowwww) this month. I am still chugging on with quite a heafty book. It's a great book and totally worth it, but I will be grateful to finish it and move onto something new.
7. To take more photos and craft more
I have done more of both of these this month. Crafting for a fundraiser, creating for an afternoon tea hen-do and taking photos of both plus other activities. Hopefully there will be more evidence shortly.
8. To bake more
I'm still exceptionally good at the consuming of baked goods...and I have baked two cakes and pancakes for the inter:act team! Hopefully there will be more on the horizon!
9. To encourage and uplift the women in my life
I hope I am doing better at this. I am certainly enjoying spending time with the women in my life.

10. To compare myself with others less
Not much change from last time. Once again, lets just say...'could do better'.

11. To wear a dress or skirt at least once a week
I'm still going to blame this on the extreme weather. Cold temperatures and a strong breeze are not skirt wearing conditions for me. But I did wear a dress to inter:act the other week. Hopefully as the weather gets warmer (even milder will do) I'll get my pins out a bit more!

12. To do more stuff with my hair
I got my hair cut...and had about 3 inches taken off...which very few people noticed!!!
It was needed, but now I have less hair to do stuff it's either down and straight (weather dependant) or tied up. I feel that I might have regressed in this area a little. Maybe some hairband or accessories would help?!
So, February came and went. And we're half way through March already! 
2012...please slow down a little!

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