Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Cost of Love

The country is in uproar as the price of stamps is set to increase by approximately 30-40%. And electronic mail is being promoted as the cheap (free) go-to for all our communication needs.

But when our communication costs us nothing, what does that say about the importance of our message?
Or the value we place on the receipient?

If all we do is to be covered/woven/seasoned with love, surely it is going to cost us something? Surely it must cost us something?

If we are sharing God's love with a community of people who feel unloved, isn't their value worth the price we may have to pay?

The price may be the cost of paper, a card, an envelope, a stamp. Or it may be our pride, our prejudices, our securities, our time.

We follow and serve a God who paid the ultimate price for us, because he loved us. Because he wanted us to know how much he loved us.

What are we willing to sacrifice to communicate love?
What price are we willing to pay to tell someone they are loved?

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