Tuesday, 25 January 2011

money, money, money

January is always a tough month financially.
This year there was way too much month for the money!

Even though it has been hard (really hard some days) God has continued to drop little blessings into our month to remind us that he's still there, he still cares, he knows what we're going through.

Some examples:
- we got a cheque in the mail from the tax man!
- one of Phil's colleagues found some money in a taxi they were sharing and was convinced it was Phil's and wouldn't let him leave without it. Phil was sure it wasn't his but hey, we're not gonna turn down a blessing!
- the m.o.t. on the car was due. When Phil phoned the garage to book it in they reminded him that we still had one m.o.t. left that we had prepaid for when we bought the car. So the actual m.o.t. was free!

I can't honestly say that I have had this perspective or this attitude about our finances all through January. There have been times when I got really angry with God. And there have been times when I have allowed bitterness and envy to creep into my heart.

But God knows I'm a work in progress and I'm so grateful now that I can see his hand over us.

Do you really struggle in January? How can you see God even in the hard times?

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