Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Big Word Wednesday #10

Hello, and welcome to the return of 'Big Word Wednesday'!

Yippee! Hurrah! Woohoo! I hear you all calling from far and wide. Ok, so that may be an exaggeration, but I know that deep down you're secretly pleased to see BWW back! It's been nearly a year since our last BWW endeavours!

So, without further ado...

- is the science that studies the internal structure of pulsating stars by the interpretation of their frequency spectra

- these pulses provide information about the otherwise unobservable interiors of stars

Alright then. Where to begin?!

Now I'm no asterophysist or rocket scientist so I won't be giving any detailed lectures on the subject. But even my simple mind made an observation when I read about this.

Stars have a pulse.

Let me say that again. Stars have a pulse.
And this pulse, this heartbeat, can show us the internal structure of the star. What cannot be seen by the eye can be investigated by studying how the star 'beats'.

God knows our heart. And He knows how it 'beats'. He knows all about our unobservable interiors.

He also knows that our pulse, our heartbeat can affect how we shine and how we are seen by others. That is why He longs to restore us. He longs for our heart to beat in time with His. For our pulses to have the same frequency spectra.

Then, when our pulse is investigated, it will reveal God. Our core, our structure, our whole being will radiate God.

Let's shine like the stars and reveal God's heartbeat to the world!

Thanks to Alison for today's word.
Any other ideas for big words will be gratefully recieved!

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alison said...

Brilliant. Kudos to you Loops. xxx